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DVD-Video1. Painkiller2. Paralyzed3. Everything’s Gone4. My Kantele5. Magic and Mayhem6. Under Jolly Roger7. Riding the Storm8. Rage Before the Storm9. Songs of Love and Death10. Horsemen11. Left Hook From Right Field12. Creepin’ Again13. Alison Hell14. Voracious Soul15. Buried Alive16. Possessed by Fire17. Under the Scars18. To Hell and Back19. Night Witches20. The Twisting Knife21. Full of Regret22. Dark Lady23. Virgin Killer24. Night of Passion25. War of Kings26. The Second DayDVD-Video1. How It Is2. Punishment3. As I Slither4. To Reign Again5. Scourge of Iron6. Evisceration Plague7. Born in a Burial Gown8. Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids9. Idol10. Kill the Power11. Proceed With Caution12. Augen auf13. Gott ist ein Popstar14. Gott muss ein Seemann sein15. Lieder der Freiheit16. Himmel und Hölle17. Feuertaufe18. Ich hör mir beim Leben zu19. Welcome to Hell20. Raise a Little Hell21. Turn Loose the Swans22. Into the Golden Abyss23. Prisoners of War24. Baal Adon25. Reload26. Half the Man I Am27. Iron SagaCD1. Painkiller2. Paralyzed3. My Kantele4. Under Jolly Roger5. Rage Before the Storm6. Horsemen7. Left Hook From Right Field8. Alison Hell9. Buried Alive10. Possessed by Fire11. Under the Scars12. To Hell and Back13. Full of Regret14. Virgin Killer15. Night of Passion16. War of KingsCD1. How It Is2. To Reign Again3. Evisceration Plague4. Born in a Burial Gown5. Idol6. Proceed With Caution7. Gott ist ein Popstar8. Gott muss ein Seemann sein9. Himmel und Hölle10. Ich hör mir beim Leben zu11. Welcome to Hell12. Raise a Little Hell13. Turn Loose the Swans14. Into the Golden Abyss15. Prisoners of War16. Baal Adon17. Reload18. Half the Man I Am19. Iron Saga

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